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:: HelpDesk ::

EConExplorer's HelpDesk component is the most powerful and easily implemented help desk solution on the market.  HelpDesk drives down the total cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure by being the fastest system to deploy and by making customization simple.  EConExplorer's robust design and flexibility allow adjustments to HelpDesk's functionality through intuitive configuration interfaces.  The user-interface design is also completely customizable through simple HTML editing.  That's right, NO CODING!!!  With EConExplorer's role-management and filters, you can control which "tickets" users can view as well as the rights those users have to those "tickets."  Utilizing EConExplorer's web-based technology, HelpDesk can be accessed from anywhere over the Internet, regardless of OS or browser type.

HelpDesk Interface

:: HelpDesk offers the following features ::

Add, delete, or edit "tickets" with the click of a button  
All "tickets" can be sorted and filtered for efficient browsing  
Generate custom reports based on any search and sort performed  
Track outstanding requests for service  
Build histories of all completed "tickets"  
Track support histories of equipment  
View histories by requestor, responsible, priority, category, description, dates, etc.  
Search "tickets" by any text string  
Completely control end-user input options  

Since HelpDesk runs on the EConExplorer platform, this component also boasts all the benefits and proven functionality of Neunet Solutions' technology.


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