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:: Complaint Tracking System ::

EConExplorer’s flexible and scalable architecture allows organizations to rapidly build applications with business logic attached to solve enterprise business problems such as Complaint Tracking Systems.  Both public and private organizations often depend on the feedback they receive from the public, their partners, and affiliates in order to receive funding for their departments/divisions. 

Tracking this feedback can be essential in order to ensure that problems or issues reported are properly handled by the appropriate personnel/department.  Applying cutting edge technology to address this business problem allows organizations to track complaints easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

A Complaint Tracking System that is a web application allows organizations to minimize the cost associated with purchasing additional hardware and software since all that is needed for the users will be a computer with a standard web browser as well as accessibility to the organization’s intranet or the Internet.   

With an easily customizable interface, users will be able to conduct their daily business tasks securely, thereby contributing to a more efficient enterprise. 

Complaint Tracking Interface

:: Benefits for your agents :: 

Easy and intuitive interface that is accessible by launching any web browser!
Securely access the Tracking System from anywhere within your organization’s enterprise via the Internet or the Intranet!
Receiving agents will be able to take-in complaints from various mediums such as: telephones, facsimile, walk-ins, and the Internet.
Access Reports that have been processed to follow-up with the customers, important for customer retention!
Search the repository, and make any modifications to Reports as needed.
Within a large enterprise various repositories can be made accessible via EConExplorer, allowing agents to perform a distributed search across the enterprise with just one interface!
Reporting capability allows managers and supervisors to easily track the different types of complaints coming in.
Auditing capability also ensures managers and supervisors will be able to keep track of who is performing what tasks, thereby providing security and minimizing the duplication of work that might otherwise take place within the enterprise. 

:: Benefits for your customers and the public :: 

More accountability by ensuring that complaints are properly addressed and resolved.
The convenience to report complaints at any given time of the day without having to wait on hold!

:: Benefits for your enterprise ::

Improved customer service by allowing customers and the public to report grievances conveniently using various mediums!
Automate business processes with minimal training for your staff!
Allow ease of use and accessibility to partners and affiliates who may need to access the information remotely in a secure environment.

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